Our Smart Roadmap

Wicrypt’s technology allows individuals, businesses, governments, developers, NGOs to create a highly customizable and decentralized mobile internet distribution network.

  • Launch of the Ads System, more revenue stream for Hub Owners
  • WNT launch on Arbitrum.
  • WNT OS partnership with major Telecommunication and Device Manufacturers
  • EMEA, US and Canada expansion and device penetration
  • 100,000 Device Sales
  • Hotspot Hub location in 120+ cities globally
  • More exchange listings
  • Supporting more blockchains
  • Hotspot Hub location in 200+ cities globally
  • Onboard more Device Manufacturers using the Wicrypt OS
  • Reach at least over one million on chain wallet holders
  • Achieve over 28 Million WNT staked
  • Improve device utility and customization with Custom Forms
  • Achieve over 1 million users by the end of the year
  • Enterprise partnerships with both Web 2 and Web 3 companies
  • 400,000 Device Sales
  • Activation of Client Reward distribution