Earn Money When You Share Your Hotspot.

Resell data at your rate and mine Wicrypt Network Tokens $WNT when you or others connect to your hotspot.

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About Wicrypt

Wicrypt empowers you with the ability to mine Wicrpyt tokens while sharing high-speed internet access with your guests, customers or community for free, or at whatever rates you decide.

Getting Started

We have highlighted key steps in getting you started with the Wicrypt Hotspot Hub.

Calculate Estimated Mining Potential

Explore this reward calculator to estimate your WNT earning based on the usage details of your devices.


Calculated Result

WNT Rewards

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Disclaimer: Kindly note that the result is based on a series of assumptions and simulated predictions, part of which cannot be guaranteed by Wicrypt.

Wicrypt Devices

Our Smart hotspot and network hubs allow users to mine the Wicrypt Network Token ($WNT) while sharing their internet connection. With the dual SIM feature, users can switch between internet service providers seamlessly and conveniently for high speed connection.


Wicrypt Features

Share hotspot and earn WNT

Provide access to more affordable internet data while earning WNT from sharing your WiFi. Hosts will be able to mine WNT at their own pace as well as be able to resell data at their own preferred rate as well as control consumption.

Create WiFi Hotspots

Create your own hotspot network, or chain of hotspot networks and offer your community secure access to your high-speed internet for free or at whatever rates you choose and get rewarded with the Wicrypt network Token ($WNT)

Switch Providers

Free yourself from constantly switching devices for a good connection. Wicrypt devices allow you to move between mobile and fibre network providers easily.

Mine WNT during every internet session

Mine Wicrypt Network Token (WNT) in every internet session. Hosts can enjoy the opportunity of earning WNT when clients connect to their network over a period of time.

Monitor Data Consumption

Automatically top-up data balance at good rates from your Wicrypt wallet. Add friends, family or customers to your account, allocate data to them, monitor consumption, and track individual usage over time.

Easy redemption

Receive payments into your wallet account when other users connect to your hotspot network and cash out all of your earnings on any of your bank accounts.

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Wicrypt Can Be Deployed For Different Use Cases


Wicrypt enables the Enugu State Government access to their community whilst creating jobs and income for indigenes in the process.

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Wicrypt enables Omni Branches to offer their agents high speed internet access and earn money in the process.

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Home & Personal use

Ugochukwu uses his Wicrypt device to allocate data to members of his household each month. He uses his Wicrypt App to connect to public Wi-Fi zones in Enugu and Lagos.

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Start a Network

Set up a local network for your home, building, neighborhood, or city and mine the Wicrypt Network Token as people connect.

Get Started

Find a Network

Wicrypt explorer is a robust architecture coverage map with a dynamic and innovative purpose that allows wicrypt users to see on the map Wicrypt hotspots near them so that they connect and enjoy.

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