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You can make profit selling internet connectivity to your customers, or simply offer it to them for free to increase their loyalty.

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How it Works

Get started with a few steps.

Set up your Wicrypt Account
Add Your Business Locations
Create & Manage Your Chain of Hotspots.
Set Your Custom Billing Settings.
Create Internet Vouchers.
Broadcast Adverts to Your Customers.

Features Designed Just For You

We’ve designed these features to help you create and manage your own hotspot network.

Device Management

Set up your Wicrypt device and manage several users who can connect and pay for access to your hotspot network.

User Management

Lets you assign data to your agents, manage their data usage and monitor sales via the Wicrypt dashboard.

Billing & Charging Management

Allows you to set your preferred billing rate to your connected users per GB. You can use our profit calculator to see how much you'll be earning in profit.

Voucher Management

Customers who don't have the Wicrypt App on their devices can be connected to the network through the vouchers feature. You can issue vouchers to customers from the administrator dashboard.

Administrator Dashboard

You'll have access to a real-time dashboard that contains details of your data consumption, profit, agents and connected devices, all at once.


Now you can display advertising banners or create lead generation forms for users when they try connect to your hotspot network. This means that you can promote your products or special offers, or sell advertising slots to another business.

Profit Calculator

Use our profit calculator to estimate how much profit you can make if you decide to resell data.

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