Make HUGE business profits from selling internet data with Wicrypt routers

Interested in getting a router device for your business?

You can now make at least 60% profit as an internet reseller on any network of your choice

Buy 160GB of network A for NGN 25,000. Cost per GB is N156.25/GB

Sell internet connection to hundreds of people on your Wicrypt network for N250/GB and make up to NGN 15,000 in profit.

NB: You stand to earn more when you buy bulk data for less.

60% Profit

Features designed just for you

We’ve designed these features to help you share WiFi and earn easily.


Get real-time detailed report of your data consumptions, revenue, profit, agents and devices.

Set your billing rate

Set your preferred network connection billing rate per GB for each Wicrypt roter. Use our profit calculator to see you estimated profit

Sales agents

Assign data to your agents, and manage their data usage, and sales via your Wicrypt dashboard.


Connect people who don't have Wicrypt app to your network throught the use of Wicrypt vouchers.
To check your voucher balance, click here.

Calculate your Profit

Use our profit calculator to estimate how much profit you can make while reselling data.


Now you can sell internet data the way you want

With the tools which we provide, you can now setup wifi devices at multiple locations and even have agents that resell data. Also, you can customise your settings, set different billing rates for your devices at different locations. Whether it is at the Airport, Banking Halls, Product Launches, Parties, Shopping Malls, Parks etc., Wicrypt is your one stop solution for data reselling. Another cool feature is that you can earn money from Advert Placements on your router.

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Your Profit Calculator

Your data cost per GB is: NGN

* Don’t sell below this cost price to ensure you make profit

Your Profit per GB is: NGN
Total revenue:
Total profit:
( % profit)

Do more with your Wicrypt router

  • No restrictions on network providers to choose from

  • Manage multiple routers and agents in different locations.

  • Set your billing rate per GB.

  • Use flexible data plans that suit your need.

  • Use Wicrypt routers anywhere in the world with any internet service provider.

  • Make money from adverts displayed on your router login page.

Your custom Wicrypt Router is just a click away!

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