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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wicrypt is a decentralized smart Wi-Fi wireless distribution network.

Buy a Wicrypt device, insert any SIM card of choice with data, turn on your hotspot, and connect users.

No, Wicrypt is not an internet service provider.

Because Wicrypt is not an Internet Service provider, the Wicrypt devices does not come with any data. To access data, get a SIM from any of the network service providers, recharge your SIM, insert the SIM into your Wicrypt device to enjoy.

Wicrypt lets you bill anyone who connects to your hotspot. You are also mining WNT cryptocurrency when a user is connected to your network. You can set any desired billing rate per gigabyte consumed on your network.

As long as your network service provider operates within a given area, the Wicrypt service network will work.

Yes, with the Wicrypt mobile app, your smartphone is enabled to share your hotspot.

You can get a referral code by downloading the Wicrypt mobile app, sign up, and click on the ‘profile’ button. Once the profile is opened, click on ‘Referral’, your referral code is already waiting. You can easily copy it and share with your network.

To join the waitlist, go to

Yes, there is a commission for every user you refer.

The Wicrypt airdrop is no longer open for participation. Follow us on our social media pages for upcoming events.

The Wicrypt Network Token (WNT) has already been launched.

To mine WNT, buy a Wicrypt device, insert any SIM card with data, turn on your hotspot, and connect users to start mining.

To be a part of the Wicrypt project, go to to join the waitlist.

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