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What is WNT?

WNT means Wicrypt Network Tokens. This is the native cryptocurrency that powers the Wicrypt ecosystem.

What is Wicrypt NFT?

Wicrypt NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital representation of each Wicrypt device on the blockchain. Each Wicrypt NFT contains metadata that describes both static and real-time properties of each device such as location, data volume transmitted, internet speed, connected clients. All this information is transmitted to the blockchain in real-time through the NFT to build a global open-data network.

Where can I get the Wicrypt Device?

Currently, you can mint an NFT which is a digital representation of the device and the device will be shipped to your location. Visithttps://nft.wicrypt.com/to mint

Why should I mint the Wicrypt NFT?

Minting the Wicrypt NFT gives you proof-of-ownership of a Wicrypt device.

When can I get my Wicrypt NFT?

Your NFT will be instantly sent to your wallet once minted.

When can I get my Wicrypt Device?

Users will start receiving their devices from January 2022. Wicrypt will distribute 15,000 devices between January and March 2022.

When is Wicrypt NFT Sales?

Visithttps://nft.wicrypt.com/to get the information

How to participate in the Wicrypt IDO?

Learn about the IDO here

What is the importance of Wicrypt Device?

With the Wicrypt Device you mine WNT tokens for sharing WiFi or mobile internet data. This means you get to make money just for using your WiFi. The device also allows you to bill your connected clients to earn money You can create feedback forms and questionnaires to collect relevant customer information. You can advertise or allow adverts to be shown on your Wicrypt-enabled device to earn extra income.