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Wicrypt is a service that allows its users to get paid while sharing their Wi-Fi.

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You can now earn more by becoming an internet reseller

Take advantage of our Wicrypt routers and tools that enable you to create a profitable business from reselling your internet data. You can now buy large quantity of internet data and offer it to numerous users at a location for a cheaper tariff while you earn per GB for data consumed.

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Stay connected with the people you love

You can now share your Wicrypt Credit (WC) with your family and friends wherever they are in the world through your Wicrypt app. Why would you want to share your data? Because in 2020, data is life. Anyone you share Wicrypt credit (WC) with will receive a notification and be able to access any Wicrypt device.

It's so easy. Simply click on the Share WC button in your app and enter the amount and email address of the user you're sharing to.

Key features of Wicrypt

The amazing features to stay connected

  • Connect your Mi-Fi/Router

    You can now connect your router to Wicrypt and have several users connect and pay for your Wi-Fi network.

  • Set your billing rate

    A user has the freedom of setting his price per gigabyte of data consumed.

  • Wicrypt Wallet

    Wicrypt has an inbuilt wallet that verifies the beneficiary has enough Wicrypt Credit(WC) to start using the service.

  • Secured blockchain payment

    It leverages the blockchain and allows users to receive payments per gigabyte(GB) of their wifi data consumed by a beneficiary.

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