Setting up a Hotspot network connection

To set up your phone’s Hotspot network on Android phone follow these simple steps:

  1. On home screen tap “SET RATE
  2. Enter the rate (amount) per Gb you wish to sell to your connected user, then tap  “UPDATE”, and enter your Wicrypt pin to confirm.
  3. On the home page, tap on “CONNECTED DEVICES”, then toggle on the Hotspot button. Done!

The steps above apply only for phones that run on Android version 7 and below. For phones that run on Android 8 and Above continue from step 4.

  1. On the overlay Modal tap “Go To Setting”, and follow the instructions carefully to set up your hotspot SSID and Password on your mobile phone settings. Then turn ON your mobile hotspot.
  2. Re-open the Wicrypt app and tap on “Continue” to complete the hotspot setup.

Note: Be sure to set your billing rate, before setting up your mobile hotspot, else you won’t get paid while sharing your data.

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