How do I purchase a Wicrypt Voucher?

Wicrypt Voucher allows you to connect to any enabled Wicrypt router. Anywhere. Anytime. To purchase a Wicrypt Voucher follow these easy steps:

Step 1:

Turn ON your device WIFI, and connect to any available Wicrypt router network in your location. Wicrypt router network ends with “WC”. Eg. (NetworkName.wc)

Step 2:

The router login page will open automatically once connected. On the router login page, tap/click on the “Login with Voucher” button.

Step 3:

Next, on the Voucher login page, tap/click on the “Buy Voucher” button to proceed.

Step 4:

Then, enter the voucher amount you wish to purchase and your phone number, and tap on the “Pay” button to proceed.

Step 5:

Finally, read and follow the instructions displayed on the next page, to make a transfer of the Voucher amount you wish to purchase to a Providus Bank virtual account number that is generated. Once the transfer is successful, you will receive an SMS containing your Voucher.

Ensure your phone is not on DND(Do not disturb) so you can receive the SMS. “Text ALLOW to 2442” to opt-out of DND.

Learn how to login to a Wicrypt router using a Voucher.

Frequently asked questions

I made a transfer but haven’t received my Voucher. What should I do?

All our Voucher purchase is processed instantly. If the transfer was successful and you did not receive an SMS with your Voucher. Please, email us at [email protected] or use the live chat on the website.

How else can I purchase a Wicrypt Voucher?

You can also purchase a Wicrypt Voucher from any local Wicrypt Internet Service Provider(WISP) agent.

Can I purchase Wicrypt Voucher with any phone number?

Yes, but please note that any phone number used in purchasing a Wicrypt Voucher will be required in other to login-to any Wicrypt Router network, along with the Voucher code received on the phone number.

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