How to withdraw funds from the Wicrypt wallet.

You will be able to withdraw your Wicrypt Credit (WC) to your local currency from your Wicrypt Wallet, once you have enough funds. Please, ensure you have done your identity verification before making a withdrawal request. To withdraw funds from your Wicrypt Wallet, follow these simple steps: Open the wicrypt […]

How to Request for a Wicrypt Router

Thank you for your interest in Wicrypt Router.  Our primary goal at Wicrypt is to make the internet affordable and accessible for everyone, anywhere, and anytime.  A Wicrypt Router will allow you as a business owner or an individual to resell data to multiple users at a cheaper rate, and […]

How do I purchase a Wicrypt Voucher?

Wicrypt Voucher allows you to connect to any enabled Wicrypt router. Anywhere. Anytime. To purchase a Wicrypt Voucher follow these easy steps: Step 1: Turn ON your device WIFI, and connect to any available Wicrypt router network in your location. Wicrypt router network ends with “WC”. Eg. (NetworkName.wc) Step 2: […]

How to connect a mobile phone to a Wicrypt Router

In this article, you will learn how to connect your mobile phone to a Wicrypt router, using the Wicrypt app or Voucher. How to connect a mobile phone using the Wicrypt app. To connect to a router using the Wicrypt app (get it from PlayStore or App Store). Then follow […]

Setting up a Hotspot network connection

To set up your phone’s Hotspot network on Android phone follow these simple steps: On home screen tap “SET RATE” Enter the rate (amount) per Gb you wish to sell to your connected user, then tap  “UPDATE”, and enter your Wicrypt pin to confirm. On the home page, tap on […]

How to fund your Wicrypt wallet

Funding your Wicrypt wallet is easy and secure. Open the Wicrypt app, on the home screen, tap on the “Fund Wallet” button. Next, select your preferred method of funding. To fund with “Card Payment, Bank Account, or MPesa” method, follow these steps: Select, “Card Payment, Bank Account, and MPesa“ method, […]

How to Signup on Wicrypt App

Once the app installation is complete you will see the Wicrypt app icon on your app menu. Tab on the Wicrypt app icon to open. Note: the following screenshots are taken on an Android device, on iPhone, it might look slightly different. Tap on “Signin with Google” Choose a default […]